Mystery Rooms

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Let the Escape Begin

A team of 2-8 players is locked inside a themed room with some general instruction. The clock is set ticking for 1 hour and you must plan your escape in 60 minutes or less. To escape the room you need to crack the codes, solve puzzles and unravel the mystery.

The players must do some great teamwork, be creative and observant at the same time. It might look as just another room but its an arcade full of questions and their hidden answers! You need not be a genius but smart enough to hit the bulls eye! Pay attention to every detail and leave no stone unturned!

How it works

  1. Book Your Ticket online by visiting or by calling us @ 8860135247.
  2. Turn up at the game location.
  3. Get Locked in a room for 60 minutes.
  4. Look around to find puzzles, clues, & items that could be used to escape.
  5. Solve the puzzles and clues, and escape within time.
  6. Celebrate Your Escape.
Pooja Popli
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Unique mind games to solve the mystery and escape the room you are enclosed in. Great experience. 👍
Priyanka Grewal
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The experience was very good. This was our third visit at this place. The staff was helpful and guided us through the instructions and also provided us sufficient clues throughout the game. The experience was highly enjoyable
Kunal Jha
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Awesome experience amazing thrill Matlab bole toh maza aagya


*Prices include applicable taxes.

*Price for THE CONJURING, RING & FORGOTTEN game is Rs 100 extra per person.

*There is no charge for children below 5 years. For kids between 5-9 years, Rs. 500 flat is charged. Kids must be accompanied by minimum 2 paying adults. A valid Id card has to be shown to avail the discounted kids price.

*Fri – Sun Charges will be applicable on any Public Holiday/Special Day decided by Mystery Rooms management.

No. of people
Mon - Thurs
Fri - Sun
Mission for 2 people
Rs. 1100 per person
Rs. 1200 per person
Mission for 3 people
Rs. 1000 per person
Rs. 1100 per person
Mission for 4 people
Rs. 900 per person
Rs. 1000 per person
Mission for 5 people
Rs. 800 per person
Rs. 900 per person
Mission for 6+ people
Rs. 750 per person
Rs. 850 per person

Can You Escape ?

Do you have questions?

Do you have any questions regarding your visit, feel free to contact us. Below we have collected the most common questions.

Mystery Rooms is a real-life escape experience in which you and your teammate is going to be locked up in a mysterious room for an hour. To help you in the mission there are multiple clues, puzzles, secret messages, codes, hints are available, First you’ve to find it, solve and use it logically to plan your escape.

You can be minimum 2 & maximum 10 people in one group. If you are more than 10 people, you can split into more groups.

Your inner detective, for once! The answers to the clues, riddles, puzzles and mysteries are all in the room. Just apply deductive reasoning and logic to escape. It is the smartest, not the strongest, who escapes faster.

We are good people so don’t worry! Each group get a dedicated game master to play with you. He will assist you in finding the inner hero in you.

We really recommend advance booking to make sure you get your preferable game and time slot. If you make last minute plans to visit us, please call to confirm the availability.

Kindly write to us at or Call Us @ 9355188244

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